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Why,,,, I've gone to bucks for long time, got patio salad but tonight dam hair in it no more,,, an somethang else they say no pool there was a table of people playing but we can't share it or lose it

I thought it was over priced for the food you got. I was disappointed all together. Hair in it, that don't surprise me.

How much is the BBQ buffet per person?

I remember it being a good deal for the amount of food.

What type of drinks do they serve?

All. Soft and strong drinks.

When is Happy Hour All You Can Eat Food?

when the pool tournament starts. I BELIEVE it is 8 maybe later BURR sargent would know for sure.

Who is the manager?

Not as good as it used to be

Do you deliver to the best western

Nice try, friend. Sorry, but no way. You'll be lucky to get seated if you walk in their front door.

Who the ownof buck s n sweetwater texas

IDK but they be cooking up some stuff.

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